Can I make a game without programming?

It's Christmas!  Merry Christmas to all! We send you our best wishes so that you may have a very merry and joyful Christmas alongside your loved ones and the ones you care about! On this Christmas day, we want to bring you something on the happier side of things that hopefully can give you hope if you're maybe only getting started in game development.

There are multiple things to think about when getting into the game development world that you'll have to think about. Planning is probably the hardest part since that's when you have to think about all the next moves that you'll be willing to take in the future. 

Making video games includes a lot of math
A sad truth for a lot of people is that programming in general is very much math-heavy and you'll need to have a good base of Math to be able to apply a lot of the formulas. That's why you need your maths to go into computer science or anything related to software engineering. However, a lot of people, especially gamers who would like to start making games, are doing this on their part-time which means that they don't necessarily have the school mathematical background that is usually required before going into the field. That, then makes it harder for them to really get into programming and make the game.

Game engine makers listened
So a solution that sprouted out of this is instead of having game engines that rely on the user programming, you now have a few game engines that is completely programming-free! You don't need to write a single line of code and you can make a fully functional game! Something like Game Maker Studio will get you to a quick 2D platformer within no time without having to code a single line. 

A good in-between for those who want to start learning but would like to start without coding is the Unreal blueprint. It's a good way to get familiarized with the different concepts of programming and how they work together without having to deal with the syntax and the needy greedy of programming, especially not with C++. 

So, that's the good news for all those who don't want to program, there are ways to ease yourself into game development without having to program, so hopefully you can make use of that now!
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