What degree do I need for game development?

Growing up, there was so much pressure on what you wanted to become in the future and what your aspirations should be that it became very stressful to even know what you liked and disliked. I don't know about you but a lot of people in their teen years don't have a clue about what they're doing, even less about where they want to take their life for the next 40-50 years of their lives. That's a classic issue that is yet to be solved in the modern education system.

So eventually what happens is that young people. not knowing yet what they want to do for the rest of their lives, go into the options that will open the most doors for them which are usually related to the medical field or science. That's a reason why a lot of these fields are very selective. This eventually leads to questions like "Is the degree I have good for 'X'"? Well, let's explore the case for game development first. First-of-all, you don't NEED any degree to be a game developer. I've known people who have made great strides in the game development industry without ever getting a degree in it. With a lot of these types of jobs that are all about output, the education matters less and your ACTUAL education matters more. Let me explain, if you can prove with previous work, that you know what you're doing, it'll often be worth 10 times more than having a paper saying that you know about your craft. However, I must say that the more traditional way of becoming a game developer is with a degree in either programming, computer science, or software engineering where you'll learn the basics of languages like C++ and C#, two languages vastly used in game development.

I have another degree, can I use it in game development?
Yes, you can definitely make use of your other degree when becoming a game developer. In fact, I believe it's even better when you do! When you extensively know about a field or have expertise in something in particular, you can really dive deep into ways to relate with a certain demographic and audience that otherwise would not be as interested in a game regarding that topic. I believe having another expertise actually is a huge benefit as it allows you to explore different ways you can make a topic fun and exciting for everyone by gamifying it. Speaking of making topics fun...

Will I use a lot of math when programming?
YES! If you happen to have a math degree, you'll be happy because you'll be using it a lot! Knowing math and the different formulas and how they correlate to each other gives you so much power and flexibility when programming. I always find myself having to Google formulas or solutions for math problems that occur in programming, especially regarding physics. In a way, it helped make math more fun for me because now that I see the actual uses of the formulas, it doesn't seem so abstract anymore! Try to see if you see the different usages of math in this free demo! So will you be using your degree when becoming a game developer? Most likely so. 

What skills do I need in game development?
As for the skills, patience and learning how to learn are the major keys that'll help you across your game dev journey. Once you understand that and you're okay with searching every day on the web for things that you theoretically might already know how to do, you'll be well off! The skills you need for game development are really the same skills that you need for your personal life and personal development! What a beautiful way to end this article!
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