Hitting the gamer's block?

I'm sure most of you have heard of the writer's block. Well, if you haven't, that's either a really good sign, or a really bad sign. It would be a good sign if you have written many creative pieces, essays, dissertations and alike and have never encountered a time where you felt blocked in your writings. It would be a pretty bad sign if you don't know what it is because you've never really written anything. I think writing is great and a good way to externalize a lot of thoughts that we may have or even clear up one's mind. 

Essentially writer's block is when you hit a wall in your writing. Usually a creative wall. You're trying to think about a plot or about the next twists and turns of the main character or it could even simply be trying to organize your thoughts, and nothing seems to make sense. That happens to the best of us and more often than one would think. If you Google it, the best way to deal with it, according to professionals is simply to write. Get on the writing and basically, don't let the block, block you. 

Same goes for gamer's block!
Game developers are hit with the gamer's block when they have to create certain parts of their games that may require more imagination or creativity. A lot of the times, indie developers can have a hard time creating a new game that is 1. creative and original and 2. Fun to play. That comes from the exhaustive amount of other games that can be found online or on any game libraries. Game developers may feel like there are no other games that can be done that are not a rip off of something that was already made. There is some truth to that but there is still so much room for new creative games!

One of the best ways to get rid of that gamer's block and unlock full creativity when making a game is to let your mind wonder! We've worked with a specific technique and we decided to compile it in a very easy and comprehensible step-by-step method so here it is:

1. Figure out the type of game you'd like to make. ie. Fighting game, MOBA, arcade game, etc.?
2. Look around you and stop your sight on one or two things. This can eventually be extended to things you imagined today or things you saw today. ie. perfume bottle, yoga mat, earbud case.
3. Focus on one thing, look at it deeply and let your mind wonder. ie. focusing on the perfume bottle.
4. Come up with a basic concept based on that thing you observed.  ie. Guess the ingredients of the perfume based on its scent description.
5. Think of different situations following that same basic concept. ie. Bottles could be watered down. They could have fake brand labels, etc.
6. Add features that add to the experience for the player without modifying the main objective of the game. Think of 'What if'.  ie. What if a perfume changes its scent when in contact with oxygen. What if the character has to find specific ingredients to create the wanted scent, etc.
7. Repeat 5 and 6 until you're satisfied. Make sure you allow your idea to grow. You should know what aspect of the game you DON'T want to change and then be open to change everything else.
8. Set a core feature. ie. Player can only smell one scent and has to deduct other scents based on that one.
9. Imagine it! Very important step since that's the ultimate goal, to make a fun game. Ask yourself real questions. ie. Are there a lot of dull moments? Do you see people getting bored easily?
10. Repeat 4-10 until satisfied!

Here you have it! A step-by-step guide that can help you create a creative, original and fun game now without having to think for hours! That methodology will definitely get you over the gamer's block and if it doesn't, message me personally and I'll help you right away. It's obviously not guaranteed to work for everyone but it's at least something that has worked for me and the people I've introduced it to. 

Let me know how it works for you and feel free to try it and leave your concept in a blog to share with the community!

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