Are there gatekeepers in the gaming community?

It's often pretty hard to describe the gaming community as a whole since there are so many games right now and all the games have their own community that are fully different from one another. With different communities, there will inevitably be different cultures. More mature games like FPS (first person shooters) or TPS (Third Person Shooters) will most likely have a more aggressive and raw culture. If ever you want to have a good laugh, look at some Gears Of War competitions, they are WILD.

That being said, these communities are especially nowadays fully open to anyone who's good enough to play or even just willing to play. There are no gatekeepers in and of itself but is the culture appealing to anyone who'd like to join? Let's explore that.

 What are gatekeepers?
Gatekeepers are typically people that will want to keep a certain thing only within a specific community. These happen often when talking about food in certain culture or ethnicities for example. People of one community won't want people from another community making their food. 

It doesn't exactly that way in the gaming community, but the culture itself in some of these communities doesn't allow some people to thrive in these environments. For example, you'll rarely see a girl in a game like Gears of War because the amount of insult and aggresivity that one receives, it's not anyone that can withstand that. Same goes for marginalised communities. They'll have to expect to have some low-hanging fruit jokes and insults thrown at them because in the heat of the moment, comes out what comes out. 

On the other hand, that's also what makes it so fun to watch and so entertaining. Furthermore, it is what makes competition even more fierce and intense and makes for great finals. 
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