How did I get my game published?

It can be a struggle sometimes for game developers to make a living off of games. Let alone knowing what to do to survive as a game developer. There are obviously many ways to not starve as a game developer and they're not always so obvious. One option that we've talked quite a few times is to get funded. However it's not always easy to get funded when it's your first game or first project. Another option that is more attainable and also very effective is to go the indie way and try to get your game published.

What does it mean to get your game published?
There are different ways you can consider your game published. In most ways, it's understood that it went through a publisher (bigger than you), but in some cases the developer is self-published which means that they're not going through anyone else to put their game out in the public. A publisher makes the marketing job easier as they specialize in putting games out in an environment where gamers go to play. In that fashion, they can often almost guarantee a number of users before your game even goes live. It sounds beautiful doesn't it? So why don't all developers do it? Well there's an application process.

How do you apply to be published?
Different publishing companies will have different ways of applying. You usually only have to go on their website or platform where it's most likely listed there how to apply. Most of the time, it's as simple as imputing your name and your game pitch. But some other times it can be a pretty laborious process. Especially when we're thinking of bigger publishing companies that have previously published games that have gone viral, they'll be more meticulous about who they want onboard. You have to keep in mind that when publishers take you, you automatically become an extension of them and you now represent their brand, so it makes sense that they'd want to make sure that your game aligns with their values and potential customers.

How did it work for me?
One of the game on the platform: Are you Two Smart, was picked up by a publisher in its earlier days before I took it off the market. How did it happen? On my end, I simply aimed to bring as much awareness as I could to the game. Whether it was on social media, to my friends and family or creating a buzz around having a hefty reward for the person who would successfully finish the game. I also partnered with some influencers and media personality to showcase my game in front of their audience. I got a general pretty good result. A lot of people liked it and ended up recommending it to other people in their circle. That word-to-mouth caused that traction to lead to a few publishers reaching out to me to get to partner with them. After considering all of them, I was able to make a decision based on what I needed at the time and where I was headed. This approach will not always work for everyone as it's not a fail-proof method but I do believe that if you put your best foot forward, you'll get some good opportunities coming your way. 

If you have any games that were once published, please feel free to share them with the community and tell us your story!
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