Sunday News!

We're back on another blessed Sunday! Everyone should get a pat on the back for having gone through another week of hard work! While you sit back and relax, let's go through some of what happened in the gaming world. As always, we can't cover everything but we'll bring you the ones that stood out to us! If you have a specific news story that you'd like to share, feel free to talk about it in the forum section or make a post about it! 

When is GTA 6 coming out?
The question that has been asked for over a decade now is back on top of the news. I think, if anything, it's always just free publicity for Rockstar Games, the makers of the GTA Series. Well, it's back on top of the news since last Wednesday, November 8th, Rockstar Games has confirmed that not only they were still working on it but that there would be a trailer for it in December of this year. Just to make sure we end the year on a good note... How considering! Although, still no release date, but people are predicting somewhere around 2025. Yes, I didn't mistype it, if you've been waiting for 10 years already, since GTA 5 came out that long ago, you'll have to wait for another 2. GTA 5 turned out to be the second best-selling video game of all time, right after Minecraft. We'll simply have to see if it ends up delivering on the expectation of 10 years of wait time. This sounds oddly familiar... **cough** Diablo **cough**. Anyway, we'll make sure to keep you up to date with the development of this new GTA 6 if/when it's really coming out!

There's a new fighting game to try!
Have you tried Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl back in 2021? It was a big game when it came out and a lot of people in the gaming community speculated that it could've taken the place of the Super Smash Bros. series as that's the series that has the monopoly right now. Turns out, after the hype was gone, players were left with clunky mechanics and all-in-all what felt like an unpolished game. Well, not anymore. Fair Play Labs and Ludosity came out with Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2! The game came out only a few days ago on Tuesday, November 7th and the reviews are absolutely astonishing. Some people say it's the best game improvement in a fighting game series. A lot of people who were not fully on board with the first iteration of the series have mentioned that it feels like a completely different game, polished, smooth, and the sound and animations now all make sense. They've also added the mechanic of Slime which makes the game fairly unique in comparison to its counterparts fighting game. 

Most 2D platform fighting games often get a lot of scrutiny because the Smash Bros. Series was so popular and liked by everyone that it became the standard of its genre, But now it seems like we have a new contestant! 

Lionel Messi is about to dominate another sport!
I know we don't often talk about sports but if you're not aware of who Messi is... Lift up your rock and look around! He's only the greatest player to have ever touched a football. He is coming close to retirement now (after winning his 8th Ballon d'Or), and so we see that he's starting to venture out of his role as a player and take on opportunities that he'll be able to pursue after his playing career. One of the first things was accepting a deal to become a partial owner of the Inter Miami team once he's done playing for them. Another one that just came out is that he just announced that he joined KRÜ Esports as a Co-Owner alongside his former national teammate Sergio Aguero. Sergio recently founded the team in 2020 and competes in games such as Valorant and Rocket League.

It's huge for Esports because when you have someone of that type of influence that supports a community, it can really help merge two worlds together.

My mom does not like Esports -> My mom loves Messi -> Messi supports Esports -> My mom supports Esports

That's how it can positively influence people who are not into Esports.

ChreativeGaming: There's still one winner left!
Like the previous iteration, 'To The North Pole V.2' was a blast and people loved it! Only a few days after it came out, there were already 2 winners! The game is still available and there's still one winner available so take your chance now and play the game now! 
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