Sunday News!

Well.. It's my third time writing it because the tab closed on me and didn't save so this will be a very short one. So let's keep the good energy up and take a step back to look at the most noticeable news of this week.

From one French convention to another...
Last week was the Paris Game Week and it was a great time for gamers and game enthusiasts to meet up with like-minded people and play unreleased games like the new COD: Modern Warfare 3 and Tekken 8. Well, if you've missed it, good news, in America, you'll be able to attend one of the biggest game convention in Canada. MIGS (Montreal International Games Summit) is a great time to meet people in the industry no matter their level and to really get your first foot in the industry. It's happening this week from November 8th to November 9th.

Another Call of Duty, but different this time?
One thing is sure every year, Call of Duty will come up with another game. They haven't missed a single year since the beginning of their franchise in 2003. That's consistency right there. However, this time they claim to be different. Sledgehammer, which takes care of the campaign of said Call of Duty, said that this is the best campaign of the whole franchise. Why would they say that? Because for once, it follows up on the end of the previous game. So players can now get right into where they left off. It was hard to do that in the past since for most of their history, they've been under multiple studios so they had to always split ownership so two titles could not always have been by the same producers. It's your time to try it out, it comes up on November 10th 2023!

What is the PlayStation Portal? Are we back in 2012?
Have you heard of the PlayStation Portal? Do you remember the PS vita? Or even the PSP? I used to love playing them so much. Well, we're not far from that. The PlayStation Portal is Sony's new handheld device that allows you to play your PS5 from anywhere in your house. Yes, you still need to buy a PS5 and No, you can't play too far from your console. My initial thought was that they would've made it like the Switch where it can become a standalone and you can basically play it anywhere, but I was wrong.. That's giving too much credit to Sony. It'll be available starting November 15th and it will be sold for about 199$. Are you excited to try it?

Are Dota 2 players going to go broke?
That is a major overstatement, but that's what gets the eyes ahha! Dota 2 have been known to have the biggest prize pool in all of Esports game. They don't play with the money they give to the players. That's why all of the top 10 richest Esports players are all Dota 2 players. That may change in the future. Valve, the developer of Team Fortress 2 and part publisher of Dota 2 decided that they wanted to separate themselves from the Esports side of things regarding Dota 2 and to hand it off to Savvy Games Group. Well, they were in charge of the crowdfunding and getting to these major amounts of money, especially for the Dota 2 World Championship, also known as The International, which was the most lucrative Esports tournament. Now that they're leaving, people are guessing that the money is not going to be the same. Guesses are that the prize pool will decrease significantly but will slowly grow back up to where it was, but fears are that it'll never be the same. Only time will tell.

That's it for this week's news! Make sure you read all the other posts this week and this coming week and don't hesitate to make posts of your own to tell us about you, some news you care about, or some game you care about! See you next Sunday!

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