Sunday News!

It's Sunday! Let's take a step back, chill and enjoy some of the highlights of what happened in gaming this week. These can go from new games, new releases, any gaming news to any game development news and anything in between. 

This week we'll PGW, COD:MW2, SM2 and D4S2! That's a lot of acronyms so let's get straight into it!

The Paris Game Week is back!
Paris game week is an annual convention dedicated to video games. Even though, it started very recently in 2010, it quickly became the main gaming convention in Paris and a very considerable one in Europe. Good news is that it's open to everyone and it'll be happening this year from Wednesday, November 1st to Sunday, November 5th from 8:30am to 6:30pm every day at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. It'll be very exciting and a great way to meet many like-minded individuals as well as meeting some professionals in the industry. For more information, you can check their official website!

Another year, Another COD
As per usual, Call-of-Duty does not disappoint with bringing us another game one year after the last one. I will say that Modern Warfare II was pretty good so building up from that should be pretty good. The new MW3 had an open beta on PlayStation two weeks ago  and from there, there are speculations that the MW3 season 1 and the New Warzone map will be coming out on December 5th 2023, so 5 days before the official release of the game on Friday, November 10th, 2023. Are you excited for this new Call of Duty?

Spider-Man 2 is amazing... yet again!
After the latest movies, I think Marvel had very big shoes to fill. With the movies having been so well received by everyone, you'd have to assume that it would bring a lot of eyes onto the upcoming games... and it did! Insomniac Games, the developer company who made Spider-Man, also made sure to deliver. On this last Friday, October 20th, 2.4 million people got to see the beautiful art that is in the game. Indeed, it's a record-breaking amount of sales for a PlayStation game in 24 hours. Looking at the players' reviews and comments, people are in awe of the movement and the fluidity of everything when swinging around the city and moving around. Well done, Insomniac Games! 

More wait for Diablo IV fans...
Diablo fans must be the most patient people in the world. They had to wait about 12 years for the 3rd one, and then another 10 years for the 4th one and now the wait continues. Diablo IV fans were expected to get into the next season of the game titled: Season of Blood, which was supposed to be released on Tuesday, October 17th 2023, but unfortunately, it was reported that Blizzard is encountering technical issues with the launch and they will have to delay it a little. Following Blizzrd's announcement, their customer service were bombarded with questions regarding an ETA or something alike to which they all had to answer: "Do not have an ETA as of now". Sadly, I'm assuming the answer is simple... Just wait a little longer Diablo fans!

To The North  Pole V.2 is out, and you could win 500$!
Best for last, as you know, 'To The North Pole' V.2 is finally out on the platform and the competition is on! You can play now and discover the new ways to reach to top of this 2D platformer with the new fun and addictive items that you can use. Furthermore, if you reach the top of the last level (6), you win 500$! Get your game on now! 
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