What games can I make money from?

A lot of people, especially boys, at a very young age, start gaming. Back in the days (obviously, after video games were created and popularized), there was a healthy balance between going out of the house and staying at home to play games. The pivotal point in gaming that changed the lives of many young kids was when they introduced the idea of networking and being able to play at home with your friends. Why would one go out to see them now? Especially if it's cold or rainy outside! Once a kid starts playing a lot, they tend to keep playing up to at least their teenage years, and once you get into your teenage years and you discover money, you start thinking: Could I make money playing this? Or How much money can you make?

How dedicated are you to the game?
Are you good? I'm speaking like... really good? Unfortunately, the sad part is that getting to a point where you're actually competing is not usually as fun as it first may appear. Usually, you think you're good until you enter the competitive gaming scene (of that game) and start watching other top players play the game. Then, about three outcomes usually occur, either you're very impressed by what you saw and super motivated to keep going on your journey, or you think they're not that good and decide to continue because you think you could probably beat the top players easy, or you get discouraged by seeing the difference in level between you and them. 

In most cases, you'll keep going, but your training regiment is what will determine if you'll one day be able to make money off of it. I will say, most games in one way or another, you should be able to make money with them but some ways might bring the fun out of the game, which, in my honest opinion, is the hardest part about making the transition from casual gaming to competitive gaming. A lot of times, what's the most fun in a game, is not necessarily what's the most optimal. So it requires you to be extremely dedicated to go through that not-so-fun period of time.

Is competitive gaming gambling?
I've heard of lot of people that thought, and maybe unfortunately still think, that going to play games for money is gambling. All they can reason with is the fact that you're 'playing a game' for money. But it's really the same as sports and I always compare it to just that and always answer their questions in relation to competing in sports. 

There's really no way that it should be seen as different than traditional sports and that's what we're fighting for on the platform and want to help everyone with. When everyone starts treating it how it should be and respect it, we can start having larger and bigger tournaments! Can't wait for that!

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