How good do you have to be to compete in gaming?

In my good days of gaming competitively, a lot of people didn't fully comprehend what I was doing and if it was even a real thing. I had conversations where people just thought I was gambling at some sort of casino. There are a lot of misconceptions about the gaming community, especially about the competitive gaming community. Most likely to happen with the older generation that didn't grow up with it. However, even with the younger generation, I'll often get the question: "How good do you have to be to compete in gaming?". And to that, I say: it's no different than mainstream sports.

It's all under the same umbrella
Within the questions that I've been asked in the past about competitive gaming, there was this other popular one but it's really essentially the same answer. There are way less differences than people could think with traditional sports. What I would answer to people is: "What would you answer if I asked you the same question about Basketball or Football?". See, even if the person is not a professional basketball player or football player, they would have an idea of how good you'd have to be to make it into the big leagues. That's the same for gaming. It's all under the umbrella of 'you need to be hella good! Like the top 1%.' That's scary obviously when you have sports that have been there for decades and centuries because the more there are people playing the game, the harder it gets to get into the 1% pool. For example, when games are new, people value so much the first couple of hours that you get to play the game just because that's a lot of the time what's going to determine how good you'll be. If you get in the top 1% when there are only 100 people playing, you get to play and learn with the best, so inevitably, you'll most likely rise up and stay at the top with them so that when there are 1 million people playing, you're way ahead of the curve. If you take Tennis, for example, now it's much much harder to become part of the top elite group just because the skills have evolved so much that you have so much catching up to do before you're able to be part of the 1%.

So it all depends... as always
I always feel like it's such an unsatisfying answer but in some cases, it's the only answer that can be said. What is good enough for Raid: Shadow Legends is not the same as being good enough for League Of Legends or Omega Strikers. If I'd have to give you one advice... Participate to tournaments as often as you can to see how you measure against other people around the world and make sure you're always aiming to be the best you can be.
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