Why use Google when I can use ChatGPT?

I was having a talk on AI programming the other day and this is one of the interesting questions that came out of an attendee which I thought could be a pretty interesting question to write about. With the advancement of ChatGPT, AI, and technology in general, there are more and more questions that people start asking themselves regarding their lifestyle facing AI and how it may affect their day-to-day in the near future. We covered how it might affect the developers and the industry in the foreseeable future here, but in this post, we'll cover more about how it will affect developers or anyone using Google on the gaming development side.

We've all heard of StackOverflow
If you're a game developer or simply a programmer of any sort, you've most definitely heard and/or used StackOverflow. But for those who don't know, it's a platform where developers can post forums about issues they encounter while software developing. It's very useful because in one or two clicks or research, you quickly realize that someone else in the world encountered the same issue you're struggling with but a few months/years back so you can simply learn from them and that saves you so much time. Right now, the authority on StackOverflow is pretty big so looking for an error or a bug on Google will most likely bring you to a StackOverflow solution forum. Other than that, other platforms also have forums that are used for solutions and to help fix bugs.

ChatGPT has all the answers...
There are different reasons why one would be tempted to automatically use ChatGPT when facing an issue while programming. The obvious ones are that you can simply feed it the error message and it'll tell you exactly what and where the problem is. Another benefit is that if you don't get the answer you're looking for on the first try, you can simply keep injecting more details and specifications to what you want and it'll stack up on top of the previous instructions you have. You can also fully describe in your native tongue what the issue is and you'll get the answer laid out for you in the language you're most comfortable in. On top of all that, ChatGPT also always has an answer so you're certain to at least be able to try one thing to solve your issue. Those are all great solutions and I think they should be used. However, we can't totally forget about our good Ol' friend Google!

Google is like a hub
Google will not do what was previously mentioned about ChatGPT, but it will do something that ChatGPT won't do! Redirecting you to other humans that have gone through the same problem as you. It will point you to forums and documentation that should be relevant to what you're inquiring about and you'll have access to the newest and the oldest responses, depending on the versions that you're using. That way, you also have multiple solutions that you could try as opposed to only getting one (the one deemed most optimal) from a machine. Because every computer is different and operates slightly differently, it helps to have different solutions to try because it's not always one 'solution fits all'. You'll also usually have the latest information on the software you're working on since most likely other people have worked and experienced that problem on that software version before you. ChatGPT can only get data from the internet up until September 2021.

There are pros to both but know the cons as well
It's amazing that in today's world, we don't have to choose one over the other, we can just learn how to use both in Tandem. Understanding the pros and cons of each side is how you'll really get the best out of the Internet nowadays so you should really take advantage of that. 

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